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The Sheikh who wanted the Muslim Ummah to "AWAKEN!"


Who was Ahmed Deedat?

Known as Sheikh Ahmed Deedat to the greater Muslim world, “Deedat” was a lecturing and debating phenomenon not seen by the Muslim world in a 100 years. Armed with his knowlege of Christianity, Judaism, Hinduism and Islam, he took the world by surprise with his oratory and delivered an awe-inspiring rebuttal from the Islamic perspective. A brief biography of his work can be found here.

What is deed.at (this website)?

Deed.at is a new project where the IMD team will publish prominent works of Sheikh Ahmed Deedat in the coming months. The website will be a go to place to access books, article and videos of the Sheikh.

That's a brilliant domain: deed.at

Yes! الحَمْد لله‎ – when we came across the .at domain extension, we figured, it will be great to choose deed.at for the site – since ‘deed’ and ‘at’ make “Deedat!” So yes, that’s a fantastic domain name. It’s short and easy to remember. Simply type deed.at or www.deed.at in your web browser and you’re here!

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