Ahmed Deedat photograph

Ahmed Deedat

The Sheikh who wanted the Muslim Ummah to “AWAKEN”!


Who is Ahmed Deedat?

Known as Sheikh Ahmed Deedat to the greater Muslim world, Ahmed Deedat was a lecturing and debating phenomenon not seen by the Muslim world in a 100 years. Armed with his knowlege of Christianity, Judaism and Hinduism, Ahmed Deedat took the world by surprise with his oratory and delivered an awe-inspiring rebuttal from the Islamic perspective. A brief biography of his work can be found here.

What is deed.at (this website)?

deed.at is a new project where the IMD team will publish prominent works of Sheikh Ahmed Deedat in the coming months. Our team is a little back-logged this Summer of 2020, so we’ll be back to this project once we are free from working at QuranYusufAli.com – إن شاء الله!

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